Our Updates

We want to bring you exciting updates to keep you filled in on what’s been happening in the life of Offspring. We’ll give you the ‘high’, ‘low’ and ‘interesting’ moments (often very interesting), so that you can feel a part of what we’re doing. Enjoy…

October 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, It is the month of festivals here in Kolkata, so we’ve had fireworks going off, fancy lights up and down the street & big decorative displays sprawled across the city. On the one hand it’s been beautiful and on the other, it’s caused chaotic road situations!!

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September 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, Well, it’s been another month full of those high, low and interesting moments! But a big part of it has been having two of our most involved Offspring volunteers in Australia (Board member and Events Team) join us and impart their knowledge, experience and happiness on

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August 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, Did someone put this year in fast forward?? I can’t believe how quickly it is going and that we are already jumping into September!! July and August have been fruitful months. Being back in Australia for a period of time was amazing and we were able

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May 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, When I look back over May, my first thought is ‘how could it get any hotter?!’ All the days seem to have just melted into one another, delivering power outages, sweaty bodies & the need for many cool drinks! But, in reflecting, I’ve realized just how

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April 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, It’s been exactly 3 years since I jumped on a plane and headed to India. At the time, I actually didn’t know anyone on the other end…I was just hoping to make friends pretty quickly I suppose! I’ll be honest in saying that half way through

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March 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, It’s been a historical month for Offspring with 2 courageous survivors joining our team! It’s been so nice getting to know them on a personal level, slowly learning about their likes, dislikes and hobbies. One moment that stood out to me the most was when one

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January 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, We have had a great start to the year so far with Dr Caitlin Lance here running invaluable staff training on how we can create a safe environment for trauma survivors. She has provided us with lots of fun activities, whilst posing thought provoking questions on

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December 2015

Dear Friends of Offspring, As I look back on the year I firstly can’t believe how quickly it has slipped by – I’ve only just come to terms with writing December! And secondly I realise how much has actually happened in that speedy 2015! We have established a great team

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November 2015

Dear Friends of Offspring, It’s been a busy month here in Kolkata, with our Caretaker and his family joining the team, residing in our flat under the Group Home. They have been settling in well and little 3-year-old Grace (his daughter) has added freshness to the team! One of our

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October 2015

Dear family, friends & supporters, Recently I spoke with a group about our responsibility to justice and I’d like to share just a small part of that with you. It is something that has continued to stir me over the past few months and I believe that no matter who

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