Our Updates

We want to bring you exciting updates to keep you filled in on what’s been happening in the life of Offspring. We’ll give you the ‘high’, ‘low’ and ‘interesting’ moments (often very interesting), so that you can feel a part of what we’re doing. Enjoy…

March 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring, I just cannot get enough at the moment of seeing the way our trainees are thriving! Our model of having a small group of trainees with us at one time is proving effective in its results. We are seeing change in behaviour, change in their thinking

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January 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring, It has taken me a while to reflect back on 2017. Not because I don’t want to, maybe it’s just the craziness of life that one year can somehow seamlessly roll into the next so quickly! As always, over the course of the year we have

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November 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring, “Imperfection is the beauty of handmade” – a couple of months ago I heard this expression as someone was trying to sell me a product that obviously had its defects, but hey, not a bad way of marketing. And it got me thinking how much I

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October 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring, Over the past couple of months we have had some Offspring family visit us from Australia, here to add value to what we do through their expertise and knowledge. Our media boys sweated up a storm as we spent many hours filming outside in the scorching

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August 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring, I am sitting in the office having just had two very different conversations. One I was talking with one of our trainees about a personal crisis that happened in her life over the weekend. Unable to express her feelings, we sat with her for some time

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June 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring, Well, we survived the scorching hot days throughout summer…just! And now we’re into the sticky humid monsoon season where you sweat, sweat and sweat some more! Despite the ickiness of the heat, listening to and experiencing the thunderstorms that happen during this season is one of

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April 2017

Well…another month has flown by! But not without its exciting highs and challenging lows. I’ve been saying to people a lot lately that the more I live in between two countries, two cultures, two languages and two tastes of chocolate, the more difficult it becomes. I think it’s because this

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February 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring, Finishing this month means that we have completed ONE YEAR in full operation! ONE YEAR of being able to invest into the lives of those affected by sex trafficking. We think this is not only a privilege but also EXCITING! So….we’re celebrating! Come along to our next event on

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January 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring, Well, we’re already a month into 2017!! It has been such a full and fast month that I have found myself feeling like the year has already flown by! Partly because I know how quickly 2016 came and went! But I can’t wish it away because

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November 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring, This month we have been re-visiting our model and reflecting on a year that has been our first official year in full operation…woohoo! Our first two trainees (survivors) joined us in March, the third in May, the fourth in June, and the fifth in October. They

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