Our Updates

We want to bring you exciting updates to keep you filled in on what’s been happening in the life of Offspring. We’ll give you the ‘high’, ‘low’ and ‘interesting’ moments (often very interesting), so that you can feel a part of what we’re doing. Enjoy…

May 2020

Hello everyone from my kitchen sink! I say ‘hello from my kitchen sink’ because I’ve actually got my computer where, if I was living in a place with a kitchen sink, it would go. With the shotgun wedding, due to COVID, and then as newlyweds, Pete and I didn’t have

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April 2020

Hey Offspring Family, Well I must say, it has been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it!! Around 8 weeks ago now I was in India chatting to my Mum & Dad on the phone and I just flippantly mentioned to them that I had a bit of a cold going

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December 2019

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! To be honest, I can’t believe it’s Christmas already…didn’t we just celebrate that a few months ago?? With the Victorian weather we’ve had in the last few weeks, anyone could be excused for thinking we were still in the middle of the year…brrrrrr! It goes fast, really

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November 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring, I’m sitting at home and all I can hear is the wind swirling around the house, banging windows and leaves flying everywhere. Today is the ‘code red’ fire warning day across Australia. It’s crazy (and heartbreaking) to think that a small flick of a match, or

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July 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring, It has been a few months since I’ve written to you and, as always, there has been plenty happening. I was actually back in Australia from March – May and returned to the stinking-hot/humid/monsoon weather of Kolkata throughout June. Everyone complains of winter in Victoria, but I

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March 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring, At the beginning of this month we celebrated our 3rdBirthday in full operation! We threw a little party which of course involved a delicious chocolate cake and fun birthday games. The PE/Outdoor Ed teacher in me came out and before we knew it everyone was in

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January 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring, Can someone please tell me where 2018 went?? I feel like it just said hello and then disappeared so quickly that it didn’t even say goodbye. But alas, 2018 has definitely gone and we are here to welcome in the new with 2019! Time can fly

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November 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring, The buzz word this month is ‘thankfulness’. Every time I opened up social media there was something about ‘thanksgiving’. Although I’ve never really intentionally celebrated this American festivity, I love the idea and action of being thankful. So often we go about our day, our week,

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August 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring, If I could use one word to describe this month, it would be endurance. And here are just two reasons why: 1) There are some things I did not anticipate when starting up a Social Enterprise in India. I knew there would be road blocks…but what

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June 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring, Well it’s been a few months since I’ve written; it’s amazing how quickly this year is flying by and all of a sudden, another month has passed! Of course, not without its challenges (which keeps life interesting) and also some pretty amazing moments that always make

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