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Purple Girl
When I was younger, my mother was told of a good job opportunity for me in Mumbai. So off I went, excited to be able to work and help support my family.
Jail Cell
None of us knew that this "job" was in a brothel. It was too late; I was trapped with no way of escaping. I had now become a slave in the hands of others.
After what felt like forever I was rescued. I am now one of the very few to be free; you could say, one of the lucky ones.
Although I am free there is still a long journey ahead of me. Sadly, I have seen many rescued girls fall back into what they were rescued from. I am also dealing with a lot of varying emotions I've never experienced before.
But I am confident,
I can see hope.
Because I am now over 16, I have been given the opportunity to be employed, educated and empowered through Offspring. Here I receive the help I need to get back on my feet.
Let me tell you what I do here
5 days a week I am employed. It means I can send money home to my family or even save it away for the future. Not only am I employed, I am also trained and equipped with skills that will help me in the years to come.
Every morning I learn some of the basic things I missed out on growing up because I didn't really have the opportunity to go to school. These lifeskills are giving me a renewed sense of confidence and self-worth.
Skipping Rope
We laugh, we cry, we talk, we work, we learn and sometimes we even dance. Offspring's counsel and guidance through our weekly sessions encourage me to take one day at a time.
I know this is a place of transition. They are here to help reintegrate me back home to my family, help me find long-term employment, or a community in which I can live independently.
But I also know that whatever I do and wherever I go
Offspring will always be there for me!