October 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring,

It is the month of festivals here in Kolkata, so we’ve had fireworks going off, fancy lights up and down the street & big decorative displays sprawled across the city. On the one hand it’s been beautiful and on the other, it’s caused chaotic road situations!! But it’s an experience none-the-less!

Now it’s no secret that Christmas is just around the corner…it’s Australia’s time for fancy lights and decorative displays! I LOVE Christmas because of the family get-togethers and the meaning behind the Christmas story. However, I’ll be honest in saying that Christmas can also come with a lot of pressure – what to buy, what to cook, what to wear, which family to visit etc., etc.

So here are a few Offspring Christmas tips to help you prepare for this December:

  1. Put things into perspective – Think about how Christmas would be spent all across the globe. How does yours compare? Well, actually, you don’t need to compare, you just need to put it all in perspective and realise that sometimes bigger isn’t better!
  2. Know when enough is enough – How much ‘stuff’ do we really need?
  3. Don’t let a bargain get the better of you – It’s easy to get caught up in a good bargain (I’m guilty of this) but a bargain’s not a bargain if those products are not supporting fair labour and wages to the people who made them. Think about the story behind the product, not the price tag. Get the app ‘shopethical’ to help you make decisions on ethical (and not so ethical) brands.
  4. Give a present with purpose – There are plenty of items out there that can be a three-way win. The gift will support the workers, organization & business = win. The gift receiver gets something with meaning & a story = win. The gift giver feels good about their gift = win. (see our Presents with Purpose campaign to know more – https://offspringproject.org/pwp/)
  5. Don’t forget what Christmas means to you – Focus on that this December!


Until next month…


High: This month we had a new trainee start with us. She has settled in really well, slowly opening up more and more and getting into the swing of things. We are also very lucky to have a new staff member all the way from Australia join us. She will be working alongside me helping move Offspring India to the next level…how good is that! (I’ll get her writing a few words in the next couple of months).

Low: One conversation in particular with a trainee that I was genuinely shocked about. Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for these girls, you hear of something else that has happened to them. It’s really not fair!

Interesting:  We ordered a library cabinet from the local carpenter and asked for locks to be put on the doors. After completion I went to look at it and realized that the locks had been put on the inside of the cupboard?!? I mean good if I want to lock myself in the cupboard (which I have thought about at times) but not too handy when trying to keep people from getting into the cupboard! After some discussion there was method in the madness!