October 2015

Dear family, friends & supporters,

Recently I spoke with a group about our responsibility to justice and I’d like to share just a small part of that with you. It is something that has continued to stir me over the past few months and I believe that no matter who you are, where you are, or what age you’re at, we all have the ability to stand for justice and create change. A change that is so desperately needed!

I heard a statistic not so long ago that went like this (I’m not sure of the source sorry): “if we tried to get people (right across the globe) to live up to our standard of lifestyle (what we have in the west), it would take 6 planets to recourse it all.” What?!? The thing is, and something we need to realise, is that people don’t actually need to be elevated to our level. In fact, to see change, we need to start refraining from our desires for the sake of others. I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure we don’t have 6 planet earths to resource everyone living up to our “standard” of lifestyle.

I want to challenge you today in your lifestyle choices. ‘Refraining from our desires for the sake of others’ might look like shopping where we know products are made ethically. Because ultimately, it’s our choices that are impacting others.

I’m definitely not claiming to be perfect at this (far from it…but I’m learning). A practical suggestion that has helped me was downloading the app ‘shop ethical’. It’s a great way of being able to see the social and environmental records of products and companies. Something simple like this can help you make informed purchasing decisions. Decisions that are simply recognising that every life behind the making of that purchase, maybe a ‘t-shirt’ or ‘chocolate’ or ‘toaster’…is worth fighting for. They are worth the right decision!!

We have the ability to create change, to seek justice and do something!


High: Rita (our new Social Worker) started work with us this month and it’s been great seeing her getting involved in what’s happening and quickly pick things up. We are skyping regularly with a Psychologist from Australia who is really helping us both understand trauma on a deeper level. Lots of learning to be done to help these girls effectively!!

Low: Other than the classic ‘missing family and friends’ I don’t think I have one this month! That’s a bonus!

Interesting: I had my first Indian car crash! Don’t be alarmed we weren’t going over 20km so the impact was low. But because everyone drives so close to each other, it was a 5-car pile up!! The interesting part was that all the drivers got out to look at the damage done…had a few words to each other…got back in the car and drove off! No exchange of number plates, licences, phone numbers…nothing. What’s done is done I suppose…and that’s the end of it.