November 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring,

This month we have been re-visiting our model and reflecting on a year that has been our first official year in full operation…woohoo! Our first two trainees (survivors) joined us in March, the third in May, the fourth in June, and the fifth in October. They have taught us a lot and it has helped us continually improve the way we want to see them empowered and restored.

Working alongside a well-experienced psychologist has helped us shape what we want to do. Recently as we were talking about working with trauma patients, she shared with me the 3 stages of trauma recovery;

  1. Establishing safety (them feeling safe – physically and emotionally)
  2. Telling their story (counseling & support)
  3. Reconnecting to the community (either in their community or a new community)


I’m going to have a proud moment right now and say I was pretty happy to hear that information because our model encompasses all three of those things. Our first priority is a ‘safe place’ that the trainees can come to. To provide them with trained staff who they can work alongside, in an environment in which we can laugh, share, work and learn. ‘Telling their story’ is a little more complicated, however one that we are really developing. Through a counselor and a caseworker, we’re working on the best practices in which they can do this. ‘Reconnecting to the community’ is our vision in the transition process, seeing them move from dependency to independency. We know that this has a whole lot of challenges to it (we’re facing them already) and that each survivors transition will look different. However as with everything we do, it’s working with our survivors individually and figuring out the best plan for them!

The transition from rescue to recovery for a survivor of trafficking is a very important one. As we partner with other organisations and agencies, and continually reassess and progress in our model, we will see each precious life provided with a holistic approach to aftercare. How good is that!

Every soul, every survivor, every life…is WORTH FIGHTING FOR!



High: This month has been a month of forming new friendships here in Kolkata. It has been great getting to know some amazing people all working toward brighter futures for the women of India.

Low: This could possibly be a ‘low’ of the year! I felt something on my lip so I went to wipe it away and as I did that, blood splattered over my finger and I could feel it on my lip. I had just squished a blood-filled mosquito (with who knows who’s blood) all over my mouth! EWWWW!

Interesting: Without a doubt it was the 8th November when the Indian government gave 1.2+ billion people 4 hours warning that their 1,000 and 500 rupee notes would no longer be valid. Still now we are struggling to get money out of the banks; waiting in lines for hours and many of the ATMs are shut because they haven’t been refilled. The more I think about it, the more I struggle to figure it all out…how did this happen??