November 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring,

The buzz word this month is ‘thankfulness’. Every time I opened up social media there was something about ‘thanksgiving’. Although I’ve never really intentionally celebrated this American festivity, I love the idea and action of being thankful. So often we go about our day, our week, our year and forget to stop and think about all the amazing things going on in our lives for which we should be thankful.

So every day before work this month we talked about ‘thankfulness’. We talked about being thankful with a sincere & genuine heart. We talk about how being thankful not only changes ourmood but can positively affect the ones we might be thankful to. And one morning we each shared about one person in our lives that we are thankful for. I don’t really know what I was expecting from this but what one of our trainees said hit me like a tonne of bricks – “I am thankful for my family. I didn’t think they would accept me back, but they have.”

If you are reading this right now…you have so, so, so much to be thankful for!I challenge you today to have a mindset of thankfulness. See the little things as well as the big!

I’ll finish with 3 things I’ve been thankful for this month (even though I could mention a whole lot more):

  • Opening an online store!! The first for Offspring and it has been such a success. I’m thankful for the many people that got around this to make it happen.
  • I’m thankful for the cows that ran across the football field as I watched a game of AFL being played in India. It made it that much more enjoyable!
  • I am thankful that I’m not just leading a team, but I am learning from them. My staff, the trainees and this crazy cultural experience that I’m having, teaches me so much about life. Lessons that I will carry with me forever.



High:Lots of ‘highs’ this month! But as I briefly mentioned above, the AFL tournament in a rural village north of Kolkata would have to be the ultimate high! Who would have thought there would be 10 teams from around West Bengal learning about AFL & training each week! Loved being a part of it.

Low: Seeing one of our trainees go through some pretty rough stuff. I hate watching the pain they are in and sometimes not being able to do a whole lot to help.

Interesting: We had to apply for a new PAN card for our business (which is just an ID card). Prem went to the police station to apply for it, which is the process, and the policeman asked for us to show a sample of what we make. It seemed weird but Prem went back again with a sample ‘Kolkata Kitty’ and the policeman said that he needed to keep it for proof. When Prem came back and told us, we were all so confused until it clicked…he just took it as a bribe to get what we were asking done! I couldn’t believe it!!