November 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring,

“Imperfection is the beauty of handmade” – a couple of months ago I heard this expression as someone was trying to sell me a product that obviously had its defects, but hey, not a bad way of marketing. And it got me thinking how much I actually liked that saying. Our products are made from recycled saris and the beauty of them is that a) they are handmade by imperfect people (that’s all of us!) and b) we’ve created a new product out of something that used to be imperfect; with holes, rips and marks.

We’ve been talking recently with the trainees and staff about how no one is perfect. And, in actual fact, it’s our imperfections that make us unique. It’s those ‘holes, rips and marks’ in our lives that make us stronger and give us room to grow. We’ve been talking about making allowances for ourselves when we make mistakes, or doubt ourselves and our abilities. We’re not perfect and we never will be – and that’s OK.

So next time you see me and I’m selling you an Offspring product with the line “imperfection is the beauty of handmade,” know that I’m proud of our imperfections and our ability to be strengthened through them. It’s the little ‘marks’ that give us character!


High: We had our Operations Manager start this month and we’re soooo excited to have her on board…another Kolkata local added to our Indian family. We have also expanded our Events team in Australia, now including both Geelong and Melbourne. It all excites me very much!

Low: I was in Thailand for an Anti-Trafficking Conference and I felt ill hearing a statistic that 70% of foreign men who go to Thailand, visit a brothel or “massage” parlour of some sort. I’m not lying when I say I actually felt like I was going to be sick!

Interesting: The streetlights around my place don’t just turn themselves on and off…there are switches on the poles that is for the neighbourhood to do. So sometimes while I walk to work I flick a switch or two, turning off the light from the night before. I now have a greater appreciation for streetlights in Australia!