November 2015

Dear Friends of Offspring,

It’s been a busy month here in Kolkata, with our Caretaker and his family joining the team, residing in our flat under the Group Home. They have been settling in well and little 3-year-old Grace (his daughter) has added freshness to the team!

One of our values at Offspring is Partnership. Why? Because we acknowledge that we don’t know everything, we don’t have all the skills necessary and we don’t have every resource needed to see our visions fulfilled. Winston Churchill said, “If we are together, nothing is impossible.” The impossibility of restoring girls rescued from sex trafficking is actually us thinking that we can do it all!!

If we were all so willing to be open and transparent, to share our wins and failures and to help each other along, we would be so much more effective in combating the evil in this world. Often, those who wish to do such bad things network and work together to reach their horrible aims. So if they are working together, how much more important is it for us to be working alongside other people, other organisations and other business to reach our common goals of preventing sex trafficking! Because I truly believe that “if we are together, nothing is impossible”!

If you feel that you can partner with us in some way, to help overcome the impossible, then please reply to this email and share with us your ideas. Or visit our website for more ways to become involved.


P.S. If you would like to purchase one of our amazing hand made clutches, please visit Frank & Dolly’s in East Geelong where they are selling them with 100% of the profits going back to Offspring.


Over the past 3 weeks we have been lucky to have Mardi & Kirra from the Offspring Events team visiting us. Here is their combined high, low & interesting…

HighThe highlight of this trip for us has been experiencing Offspring on the ground in India. We thought we knew most of what there is to know about Offspring but we were so wrong! We have learnt so much and realised how much we still have to learn – about the complexity of India, the clash of religion with culture, and the greatness of the issue we are working to resolve. India has challenged us, frustrated us, but mostly inspired us as we were reminded of the part we play here at Offspring in fighting the injustice of Human Trafficking.

Low: We had a moment within our first week in India that hit us pretty hard. We were approached by street kids while stopped in our taxi at traffic lights. A boy of about 6 years old holding a very sleepy baby (most likely drugged) started asking us for money and we distracted him by asking him his name and chatting to him. As he went to leave us the baby’s head bashed against the taxi door and didn’t even stir. At the same time, the lights turned green and we drove off, leaving the little kids in amongst the chaos of cars and Kolkata at night. Thinking of where they came from, who cared for them, and the kind of lives they are destined for broke our hearts, but it also ignited our sense of injustice. I think this memory will always spur us on.

InterestingOne of the many things we found interesting in this foreign land was the local’s obsession with exploding firecrackers. While we were here, India was celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights. During this time fireworks and firecrackers are being set off anytime, anywhere. Some of which we enjoyed, like the ones in the night that were very Sydney-Harbour-Bridge-New-Year’s-Eve-esque. Some however, that seemed to be the most prevalent kind released, we did not enjoy. These were the exploding firecracker kind that did not launch, or create a pretty display in the sky. Their soul purpose was to make an ear-deafening noise that made us feel like we were in a war zone with bombs being released constantly. Dropped right next to us at any given time it won’t be surprising if we come home a little deafer than when we left.