November 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring,

I’m sitting at home and all I can hear is the wind swirling around the house, banging windows and leaves flying everywhere. Today is the ‘code red’ fire warning day across Australia. It’s crazy (and heartbreaking) to think that a small flick of a match, or a car exhaust, could escalate into bush fires so serious and devastating. It has got me thinking about how our trainees ended up in the circumstances they have. What started as an innocent job application or believing someone had fallen in love with them and wanted to marry them, also escalated into something so serious and devastating.

Impact is defined as ‘a strong effect on someone or something’. And we know that ‘impact’ can either be positive or negative. Like the fires causing chaos around our country at the moment, or human trafficking causing a modern slavery movement impacting millions around the globe; this is devastatingly negative. But let’s look at the positive ‘impact’ happening…because it is happening!

Our recent Ahana events were amazing. We had such a great response to people investing into the lives of our young women, wanting to see the Ahana Midway Home continue to thrive. The impact of those monthly donations sees our trainees growing in their independence, helping bridge that gap between where they are now and where they hope to be in the future.

We’re also really excited to have had one of our trainees represent at the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking this month. Trafficked survivors from all over India came together in Delhi to talk to parliament and media surrounding the issues of Human Trafficking. What a positive impact they are now able to have!

Together, let’s strive for positive impact. It’s the little things as much as the big that can create real change!


High: Celebrating the Ahana Events with the amazing team that made it all happen!! So many hours are poured into these events that at the end of the night it’s great to be able to take a deep breath and realise that together we are able to achieve so much! (even if the celebration drink was a McDonalds one because that was all that was open at the time). I love this faithful team so much.

Low: Processing papers in India taking WAY longer than they should have to take!

Interesting: One of our Indian staff members announcing her marriage date. No boyfriend, no engagement, just straight to the wedding preparations! In just over a month she’ll be married. How good are different cultures! 😉