Our Model

Many young women rescued from Sex Trafficking struggle to face the reality of what being free actually means.  How can she be hopeful about the future when she has no money to return home with; or her family sold her so it’s too dangerous to return home; or she fears the stigma that would be put on her if she does return home? Unfortunately, all too often, these young women head straight back into the situation from which they were rescued. The incidence of re-trafficking is alarming! Without a doubt we want to protect every woman that comes to us from experiencing again the horror of abuse and sexual exploitation.

Here at Offspring we have the privilege of being a part of survivors’ restoration and reintegration back into community. A safe space, equipping them with a fighting chance to achieve a high self-worth among others in society. If we’re honest, this is no easy task. Our young women face daily struggles that may continue with them for the rest of their lives. But what we can do, we will do!

Our model is broken down into 3 parts defining how we intend to help the transition process, and ultimately, each young woman’s ‘walk to independence’.

Vocational Training…that gives them a skill and a purpose– As a part of our model to equip, support and empower, survivors are taken on as paid trainees. Our aim is to provide various vocational skills and introduce them to a more formalised workplace that will ensure they are prepared for their transition into community life.

Education…that gives them hope and understanding– Every morning time is set aside for tailored education lessons, equipping our trainees to take on the world. We provide numeracy, literacy and life skills training that she will carry wherever life may take her!

```` - Offspring Trainee

Emotional Support…that gives them confidence and value as individuals– We are working with individuals who have experienced extreme trauma. So we work with them one-on-one each week to create a safe place where they can talk, express their feelings and share about the crappy stuff going on in life. At the same time, we are able to teach them about managing different emotions, build their self-esteem and guide them towards a brighter future – one that looks nothing like thier past.

All in all, empowerment is to be ingrained in all aspects of our model as it is an important pathway in developing our goals and vision for the young women in our care. We hope to see them live life to the fullest, at the forefront, partaking in decision making which impacts their lives now and into the future.