May 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring,

When I look back over May, my first thought is ‘how could it get any hotter?!’ All the days seem to have just melted into one another, delivering power outages, sweaty bodies & the need for many cool drinks! But, in reflecting, I’ve realized just how much has happened in a short amount of time. Check it out:

We have had interviews for new staff & trainees and are excited to have new members into our family beginning June.

We had a new trainee start with us who has done amazingly well (even though we were told from the organisation she is living with that she has been their most challenging case).

We did a home visit with one of our girls who, when asked “what are you most excited about?”, said “I’m so happy, I can’t remember what I am excited about.” She got to see her son, spend time with her family, and we all got to enjoy a feast for lunch (including the B word – hint: it’s an iron-rich meat treat & rhymes with leaf).

We celebrated Mothers Day with 3 of our Mums, which brought both joy and also sadness. But it was great to acknowledge the greatness of a mother through these emotions.

Education lessons are going really well. Quote: “I never used to talk in English before but now I can. Not too much, but I feel very excited.”

On top of that we have had a volunteer with us helping re-write all of our policies and procedures, getting things in perfect order!!

So despite the ‘feels like’ 52-degree days, everyone has pushed through making it a very successful month! I’m so happy I can’t even remember what I’m excited about J



High: I also had the opportunity of going to Chennai for a few days this month and at one point I got to go for a swim in the ocean…I was in my happy place!

Low: The times we are talking with the girls and you can see the pain and sadness in every part of their body. Pain that I will never understand.

Interesting: This one is more of a helpful tip: don’t pick up a cute little Indian kitten that you think is in distress because it’ll attack you, make you bleed & result in rabies shots! (Note: this wasn’t me and wasn’t our kitten, but I may have unintentionally involved our volunteer by telling her that the cute little kitten was crying…whoops!)