March 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring,

It’s been a historical month for Offspring with 2 courageous survivors joining our team! It’s been so nice getting to know them on a personal level, slowly learning about their likes, dislikes and hobbies.

One moment that stood out to me the most was when one of the girls completed her first clutch and came into the office to show it to me. She was so proud of her accomplishment, standing tall. Then I told her that because it’s her first clutch she gets to keep it…that statement was followed by a little squeal of excitement.

This month we also celebrated International Women’s Day. You’ll see in the photo above some of the words our staff used to describe ‘women’. With inequalities to women taking shape in one way or another all over the world, IWD is a great day to promote awareness of those voices that go unheard. And not only does it create opportunities to recognise those inequalities, it is also a time to celebrate what inspiring women have already done.

It really is a privilege to be here, spending day after day with what I believe are truly inspiring young women. Their stories are like none other, yet their courage and determination is truly admirable. It brings home truth to our tagline that EVERY LIFE is WORTH FIGHTING FOR!


High: The squeal I mentioned above was definitely my high!

Low: I think it’s just the frustrations of dealing with cultural differences. I try to take them all in my stride because I realise that I am stepping into their culture not mine. And one is not necessarily more right than the other; some things just baffle me…that’s all.

Interesting: There’s never a dull moment here. I walked home from work the other day to find a tiny kitten outside my door. A couple of weeks later I found it almost lifeless near the landlords door. So I phoned a friend (my mum…because mums know everything) to get some vet nurse advice on what to do. A quick trip to the chemist for a syringe & saline, then back to put my non-nursing skills into practice. I honestly didn’t think it would survive the night…but it did!! Now we have a happy little Kolkata kitten again!