March 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring,

I just cannot get enough at the moment of seeing the way our trainees are thriving! Our model of having a small group of trainees with us at one time is proving effective in its results. We are seeing change in behaviour, change in their thinking and, most importantly, we’re seeing them apply what they are learning to their lifestyles.

Our Life Skills curriculum (which they do every Wednesday) is aimed at; establishing trust amongst group members; increasing communication, cooperation and self-awareness; promoting self-esteem; elevating fun (enjoying the gift of laughter); and, most importantly, improving their skills for life…pretty important!

In a group setting we talk about a range of topics from self-worth, effective decision making, knowing your rights, communication, sex education, to even discussing ‘what is human trafficking’. We feel that we have a really important role (and privilege) in educating our trainees about topics that others might feel uncomfortable to talk about. There are some things in life that we all should just know…and our Life Skills curriculum covers them!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of education! Whether that’s to your children, your neighbour, a community group or anyone really…I believe we should always be learning and we should always be teaching!


High: I’m just really appreciating my staff & trainees at the moment. We celebrated 2 years in operation at the beginning of the month and even though it was just an in-house celebration, they all got so involved and were so proud of Offspring India. It was almost like I was a fly on the wall just watching it all unfold…the happiest fly on the wall!!

Low: This could be my low for the next few months…the temperature is really starting to heat up! I’m just thankful that no one judges sweat patches, because it happens to everyone!

Interesting: I get a lot of people wanting to take my photo here. Mostly it’s “Ma’am, can I take a selfie with you?”, to which I respond according to who it is asking. I’m sort of used to it now but when I got asked when I was with our staff recently, I think they found it more of an ‘interesting’ than I did.