March 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring,

At the beginning of this month we celebrated our 3rdBirthday in full operation! We threw a little party which of course involved a delicious chocolate cake and fun birthday games. The PE/Outdoor Ed teacher in me came out and before we knew it everyone was in 3 teams, with different sari headbands on, getting excited about the competitive games ahead. With fair play and no favouritism, it just so happened that my team won 🙂

Throughout our time of celebrating this great milestone, I asked the trainees what their favourite thing about Offspring was. I loved listening to their answers because it cemented once again how important our small community in Kolkata is to them. The smiles on their faces as they shared were priceless. This is what they had to say…

“Juice Time in the afternoon because we all come together and there is a lot of fun during that time of the day.”

“The way we are treated at Offspring.”

“Education, because I am able to upgrade my level of knowledge in different areas.”

“I like everyone here because they know how to have fun.”

“Computer lessons is my favourite part.”

The culture that we have created and want to continue is one of joy. Even amongst the training, the learning and the daily struggles our trainees face (tears, anger, frustration), it’s important to know how to have fun!


High: I can’t think of anything more special than what I have already written above. Celebrating 3 years and hearing all the positive stories from it…couldn’t be better.

Low: Dealing with the bank!! How can it possibly be almost impossible to close an account? And try to charge us for it at the same time?!?

Interesting:I moved out of my house in Kolkata recently (have been in there for 5 years) and something that you may find interesting is that when you rent an apartment you have to bring EVERYTHING with you. So when you leave, you take it as well. This includes the ceiling fans, globes, hot water system…everything.