June 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring,

Well it’s been a few months since I’ve written; it’s amazing how quickly this year is flying by and all of a sudden, another month has passed! Of course, not without its challenges (which keeps life interesting) and also some pretty amazing moments that always make me wonder ‘is this really happening?’

I was back in Australia over the month of May and it was probably my busiest time home with speaking engagements – I went from one to the next to the next. I’ll be honest, towards the end of it, I wondered (and admired) how singers sing the same song over and over, year after year. Like how does John Farnham still sing ‘You’re the voice’ with such passion? Maybe it sounds right now like I’m sick of talking about Offspring…I’m not. I feel honoured and privileged to speak on behalf of thousands of young women around the world trapped in slavery. Every time I stand in front of a group, large or small, I hope that hearts and minds are opened up to become new advocates, new voices and new world changers for the sake of these girls.

Now back in India, we have some really exciting roads ahead of us. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early but we’re hoping for some new ventures soon. I can tell you though, that we recently had interviews with three brave new girls who will be joining our program in July. Three new lives that we get to invest into – training, equipping and empowering them for brighter futures. It brings me so much joy that we (that’s you and me) get to be a part of this. We’re a team that is working across a number of countries around the world to see lives changed and lives transformed…wow!

Every Life…Worth Fighting For!


High: I have many, but here’s just one of them: I haven’t been to a Geelong Cats game in soooo long and while I was home I went to two! Loved the atmosphere, loved the hot jam donuts, loved the company & loved the kick-to-kick afterwards…clearly it fills my love tank!

Low: HEATWAVE – one morning I woke up at 4am and it was 34 degrees with a ‘feels like’ temperature of 41 degrees! Not the greatest timing when the night before I woke to a loud bang and bright flash. I’ve never jumped out of bed so quick! That was the end of my Air Conditioner for a little bit.

Interesting: I can now add ‘Uber driver’ to my resume! I had a VERY interesting drive home one night with the Uber driver pretending that he had run out of petrol because he didn’t want to take me the full way home. His acting skills of stalling and “pushing” the car didn’t fool me (he probably wasn’t expecting a customer with years of driving experience behind them), so I told him to move across, I’m getting in the driver’s seat. Which to my surprise, he let me! I turned the key and what do you know…it started. So off I drove!