July 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring,

It has been a few months since I’ve written to you and, as always, there has been plenty happening. I was actually back in Australia from March – May and returned to the stinking-hot/humid/monsoon weather of Kolkata throughout June. Everyone complains of winter in Victoria, but I have to say there is a lot of complaining going on in Kolkata as well (that includes myself!).

It was pretty exciting to head back to India at the same time our new Midway Home was opening. I arrived to three VERY excited girls who were stepping into a new phase of life. They invited me in for chai, dinner, card games, and just general chit-chat. The ownership they are showing for their new home is exactly what we were hoping for – it’s developing a sense of belonging, independence and maturity.

Ahana Midway Home has a capacity of six. True to what we do, we’re keeping numbers small so we can make sure they’re getting the best care we can give. Many of the girls who work with us have situations which mean it’s not safe for them to return to their community. Others are orphans and don’t even have a home to return to. Ahana gives these girls a safe place to continue being protected and a step up in the next stage of their rehabilitation journey.

To get a ‘taste’ of Ahana further, block out one of these dates in your diary for our next BIG Offspring Event: Geelong 17th October or Melbourne 30th October. These nights are going to be our best events yet & I would love to have you there to share it with us. We’ll be sending out more information very soon, so look out for it!


High: Having my sister in Kolkata with me for a week. There’s nothing more special than being able to show my family the life of Offspring India. Our staff and trainees love it too because they get to go another layer deeper into the life of their “boss”.

Low: I’ll be really honest and transparent here, my low over the past few months has been the revolving wave of emotions in going back and forth between two different countries, which to me now seem like two different worlds.

Interesting: This is probably more of an ‘exciting’ moment. I am someone that enjoys a good donut and I have never found them in Kolkata (well, ones that live up to Coles pink icing standard). But then it happened…I found the most delicious donut I think I’ve ever tasted!!! Kolkata wins!