January 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring,

We have had a great start to the year so far with Dr Caitlin Lance here running invaluable staff training on how we can create a safe environment for trauma survivors. She has provided us with lots of fun activities, whilst posing thought provoking questions on how we can effectively support the young women in our care.

Probably like many other businesses, workplaces and organisations, I’ve started the year by talking about our goals and dreams for 2016. I recently came back from overseas and at 3am in the morning I woke up wide awake, still adjusting to the time differences between countries. With failed attempts to get back to sleep, I pulled out the laptop and wrote down my dreams for this year. The week following, I sat down with each staff individually, talking about what they want to see happen throughout this year. It was exciting to hear their visions unfold, and for all of them it was ultimately to see girls in our Group Home. This is definitely within our sights and we are very close to making this dream a reality.

When I looked backed on my blurry eyed 3am dreams the following day, the end of the list summed it all up. I’ll leave you with it and want to encourage you to dream big this year!

“Ultimately, I want to see people’s lives changed – whether that’s in India, Australia or anywhere else in the world. I want people to a) understand their own personal value & b) understand the value in one another.”

Bring on 2016!


High: The company! Over the past 2 weeks we’ve had a total of 6 Aussie chicks living in the area. We represented Geelong, Melbourne, Tassie, Canberra and Brisbane. Who needs Australia Day in Australia when you can have it in India!!

Low: I can’t say that I have a low this month. Feel totally blessed and happy with everything that’s happened.

Interesting: I recently had someone tell me that working on a treadle sewing machine can give you Tuberculosis. I think the expression on my face was enough to let them know I didn’t agree…but I’m happy to be proved wrong if this is in fact the case.