January 2019

Dear Friends of Offspring,

Can someone please tell me where 2018 went?? I feel like it just said hello and then disappeared so quickly that it didn’t even say goodbye. But alas, 2018 has definitely gone and we are here to welcome in the new with 2019!

Time can fly by so quickly sometimes that I’m not even sure what I’ve done with it. I felt like that throughout 2018, until at the very end I could see a lot of the things that we had been working on come together. Even though they didn’t fully eventuate last year, 2019 is now reaping the rewards of all our hard work. Here is how in two exciting ways:

Ahana Mid-Way Home– we are starting a home for survivors of trafficking! Some of you might be under the illusion that we already have one (I seemed to have confused people from statements made in 2013). It was always in our vision from the beginning, however a Training Centre & a Home are two totally different models. So we wanted to do one really well first before setting up the other. And now we are ready!!

Ahana means ‘the first ray of light’. This new mid-way home will give survivors opportunities to grow in their independence while also be employed in our Training Centre. Capacity is at six because, as in everything we do, we believe in quality over quantity! Keep it small and keep it personal for healthy growth.There’s too much to tell you in an email but we’ll have heaps more information on the website soon for you to read all about it.

We are growing from one training unit to two– With Ahana Mid-Way Home opening, we will exceed our Training Unit capacity (also six). So (light bulb moment) we are opening another one. Unit 1 will be for new trainees joining us and Unit 2 will be for the trainees who have completed the program and been with us for some time. The two Units will be split between the two floors of our Training Centre, keeping most things they do in a day separate (trying to keep the value of small numbers). The environment in which we run things will stay the same, however Unit 2 will have more responsibility and some of the structures within their day will change, adding a more business-like approach to their work – another step in their transition.

So that is us right now. I am sitting here with a ‘to-do’ list spanning over a few pages, trying to get everything done in the next couple of weeks. But they are all very exciting ‘to-dos’ because it is another step of growth…one that we haven’t taken lightly.

2018 was so important in our journey. When time flies and you feel like you’re not “achieving”, remember that all the steps you take are important. Because one day, one step will reap the benefit of the others.

Keep moving forward!


High: On day one back at work this year I was just so excited by how capable and amazing my staff are. Of course, we have our ups, downs and roundabouts but they are passionate and so great with our trainees. They are a true blessing!

Low: I cannot get warm!! I know people don’t think India gets cold…but it does. And even though the lows are only around 15 degrees, my blood has thinned (I don’t really know if that is actually a thing?) and I’m feeling the cold A LOT more than I ever used. Ask my family at home, they’ll be in shorts & a t-shirt and I’ll still be rocking jeans & a jumper 😉

Interesting: I came back to my house after being in Australia, to some floor tiles that had decided to crack and peel themselves off the concrete slab (so they were raised). For the past 2 weeks (because it took that long for someone to come in and fix them) I have been jumping over and around 10 tiles as they’re right in the middle of the hallway. I was hoping that the actual issue was a mythological creature rising from the earth’s core but turns out it was just plain old concrete!