January 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring,

Well, we’re already a month into 2017!! It has been such a full and fast month that I have found myself feeling like the year has already flown by! Partly because I know how quickly 2016 came and went! But I can’t wish it away because I’m so excited for what’s in store for Offspring this year.

Already this month we have had amazing meetings with various organisations and people. We have seen our trainees grow and develop in different areas (because who doesn’t love a good budgeting session). We have been able to have some planning sessions on our goals for this year. And even through the harsh realities of some horrific statistics, we can see positive steps moving forward.

So get excited everyone…because we certainly are! We are excited about seeing long lasting change amongst the precious few in our care. And as I sit here typing, the girls are telling me that they LOVE their job and are very HAPPY here. Quality over quantity is the key!

Our Annual Report from 2016  will also be available on the website.

Until next month…


High: I felt really privileged to have some guests from Stop The Traffik organization with us here in Kolkata. Flying from place to place working on preventative measures of Human Trafficking, they made time to visit us. And in that short time, I learnt so much from them and hope to continue learning from them!

Low: Feeling helpless as Kerryn lay on her bedroom floor hovering over a bucket. Nothing like a quick trip to the hospital for an injection you have no idea about and hearing people yelling outside the curtained room. So probably more of a ‘low’ for Kerryn and ‘interesting’ for me.

Interesting: Finding out that cats can get pregnant 3 weeks after having kittens…not a fun realization when you already have 3 kittens to give away!