The Facts

Let’s face it, sometimes it can be so easy to become desensitized to global tragedies we hear about, on an almost daily basis…natural disasters, world hunger, civil war, slave labour. It’s heavy and sometimes makes you think that the world is too far gone. Can we tell you though that it’s not! Change is possible!

We just want to give you a few facts. A few that, hopefully, will make you stop, make you think and make you see the opportunity to do something to help.

“Human trafficking affects EVERY COUNTRY of the world. It is the FASTEST GROWING means by which people are enslaved and is one of the FASTEST GROWING international crimes today.”
“An estimated 20.9 MILLION men, women and children are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labour around the world TODAY. Put into perspective, that’s almost the whole population of Australia forced in slavery.”
- UNOD Global Report on Trafficking in Persons
“Human Trafficking brings in revenue of $32 BILLION A YEAR. Because unlike a drug, a human being can be sold OVER and OVER again.”
“Nowhere is the injustice of inequality more evident than in the phenomenon of ‘MISSING WOMEN’. Recent estimates put the number of missing women at 101.3 million. EIGHTY MILLION of these are Indian or Chinese.”
- From Poverty to Power, Duncan Green