December 2015

Dear Friends of Offspring,

As I look back on the year I firstly can’t believe how quickly it has slipped by – I’ve only just come to terms with writing December! And secondly I realise how much has actually happened in that speedy 2015!

We have established a great team in India, all of them passionate about seeing change amongst sex trafficked survivors. They all bring something different and one thing I love is that we all know how to have a good laugh…it’s a crucial part of keeping mentally healthy amongst some of the heavier conversations.

I also feel like Offspring has really had a great year creating awareness throughout Australia. Our Brighter Futures event was so successful and once again reminded me of the generosity of so many people, whether that be in time, skill, knowledge or finances.

So whilst this update is just a reflection on two of the highlights amongst all that has happened this year, I do want to finish the year by saying a BIG THANK YOU! These ‘thank yous’ come from not only me personally, but they come all the way from our team in Kolkata, India. They also come from the Offspring Board and Events Team who recognise that you play a significant part in the bigger picture. So here it goes…

Thank you to those of you who read these emails (and the replies that always encourage me). Thank you to those that share our posts on Facebook or Instagram (you’re educating others about sex trafficking). Thank you to all the people on the other end of my viber calls (you know who you are). Thank you to those that give financially (we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without that). Thank you to those who have sold or purchased one of our beautiful clutches. Thank you for the silent prayers. And thank you for believing in us and joining in the fight!

I really hope you have a fantastic Christmas break and we wish you a Happy New Year!

See you in 2016,



High: Our Christmas celebration. In preparation for it we went tree shopping and bought up big on tacky Christmas decorations! The home is looking a treat and we invited our neighbours to join us in a pre-Christmas Indian lunch! No smoked ham or roast vegetables…but it was still delicious!

Low: Watching a short clip of the Greece Coastguard Patrol pulling out young children from rough waters. A refugee boat that had capsized with scared people trying to scramble to the safety of the boat. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of the struggle and risk some people are going through just to survive!

Interesting: I learnt that in Nepal it is actually the year 2072! When I asked Prem his birthday he had to get out his phone and use a conversion calendar to figure out his birthday month and year for our calendar. I really don’t know what normal is anymore!?!?