December 2019


To be honest, I can’t believe it’s Christmas already…didn’t we just celebrate that a few months ago?? With the Victorian weather we’ve had in the last few weeks, anyone could be excused for thinking we were still in the middle of the year…brrrrrr!

It goes fast, really fast. But it’s important to replay the year back slowly and take time to realise just all that has happened in the past 12 wonderful months. Let’s have a look (& feel free to read it slowly):

  • At the beginning of this year we celebrated 3 years of Offspring India in full operation, supporting and equipping survivors of sex trafficking. To date, we have helped assist 19 beautiful young women!
  • We moved our Training Centre to a new location helping facilitate our growth. We added an additional training unit allowing for a bigger trainee capacity (still keeping it to 6 max per unit).
  • Ahana Midway opened!!!! Our vision for a safe and supportive living space for trafficked survivors came alive, the next step in their journey showing responsibility, reliability and independent living. We opened up our doors in June to 3 beautiful young women.
  • We had a year full of amazing events. Some run by us, others run by schools, business and local community groups. We feel so honoured that there are people getting excited by what Offspring is doing, raising awareness and funds to help continue championing the cause.
  • Having my face plastered on the front cover of GC Magazine wasn’t exactly what I called fun, but it did generate an amazing amount of exposure for Offspring. We had quite a few people reach out to us wanting to help using their amazing skills! We also featured in two other magazines, the local newspaper, radio and podcasts.

These are somehighlights. There are so many other exciting things going on that all make up what has been an amazing 2019. And we have you to thank for that. Your financial support, encouragement, stepping out of your doors on a cold night to come to our events, or providing us with pro bono work…these all help us to do what we do!

So, on behalf of the Offspring team, I would like to wish you and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! Take the time to appreciate one another, rest (a lot of us need this) and maybe even replay back your year slowly, to realise and be thankful for all that has happened for you.

Kristi x