August 2016

Dear Friends of Offspring,

Did someone put this year in fast forward?? I can’t believe how quickly it is going and that we are already jumping into September!!

July and August have been fruitful months. Being back in Australia for a period of time was amazing and we were able to raise some more funds for Offspring. But more importantly, we were able to educate people across all walks of life about Human Trafficking, poverty, injustice and what our response is to all this.

In one of my talks I mentioned that growing up I never really saw myself as directly linked with poverty, because I have always had everything I needed (education, the health system, food, clean water, etc.). I thought that poverty was overseas and maybe one day I would be able to do something to help alleviate it (I’m just being honest here ok…naive I know). But what I’m realizing more and more is that I am actually directly linked with poverty. I’m directly linked with injustice and I always have been…because my daily choices affect people.

Now we could probably spend a whole lot more time going deeper and deeper into what that looks like but I’ll leave it there for you to think about.  How are our daily choices, the things we buy, the way we speak to people, the way we behave, making other people poorer?

It’s a confronting question but I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, “you can’t do everything but you can do something”. So start small and take a look at some of your daily choices…one decision might just help a young girl from being put in a factory at 7 years old because we all agreed that we didn’t want to be directly linked with poverty. (As a starting guide, check out

Every Life…Worth Fighting For




High: Our trainees are cruising through their traineeship program with success after success. One girl who started with no sewing training at all said to me the other day, “Now I only need to ask for instructions once and I can do it.” This is a massive gain for her and the smile on her face as she was telling me said it all!

Low: Without a doubt it was coming back to India with a house full of mould!!! I think I need to live in a plastic house with plastic furniture and plastic clothes…but even then I was finding mould on some plastic items I had. Mental note: don’t leave the house locked up over the rainy, humid season!

Interesting: Sitting in the office chatting with the staff when the desk and everything else around us starting moving. It took a couple of seconds before we realized, but there was an earthquake happening. It didn’t last too long in the end and later I found out we felt it all the way from Myanmar. It was also the same day Italy had their earthquake.