August 2018

Dear Friends of Offspring,

If I could use one word to describe this month, it would be endurance. And here are just two reasons why:

1) There are some things I did not anticipate when starting up a Social Enterprise in India. I knew there would be road blocks…but what I didn’t realise is just how complicated those blocks could be. This month we received a piece of paperwork that we have been waiting 3 years for! That’s a lot of patience!

2) Our trainees are remarkable human beings! As we have been getting to know the three new young ladies that joined us recently, I am more and more amazed at their resilience and endurance in life. I have said this before, but I would be rocking back and forth if I had gone through even a tenth of what they have. Yet they constantly amaze me with their capacity to keep moving forward, their endurance.

In its simplest terms, endurance is the capacity for something to last. And that’s exactly what we’re about…lasting! We want to see structures, policies and frameworks that last. We want to see products that have been made to have a lasting impact on people & the environment. And we want to see those precious individuals that we were work with every single day, have an endurance in life that takes them places they never would have imagined.

Offspring is not set up to look good, for us to feel good, or even just to do good. We are set up to make lasting change!! And sometimes change requires a lot of endurance!

Every Life…Worth Fighting For!


High: Having my Mum & Dad visit me (technically this was July but it’s too good not to include since there was no July update). It was the first time for Dad and second time for Mum (but that was in 2015…so A LOT has changed). The staff & trainees loved it, welcoming them with a garland (flower necklace) and some overly sweet Indian treats. It was just really nice to have them see what they are also so invested into.

Low: I went through a bit of a lonely patch a couple of weeks ago. Every so often it just hits me how challenging this is and how far away my family and friends are.

Interesting: That time my electrician came to fix some problems in my house, but in between jobs proceeded to show me his morning yoga moves. He even made my staff member sit down with him as he explained the process. Love it!