April 2017

Well…another month has flown by! But not without its exciting highs and challenging lows. I’ve been saying to people a lot lately that the more I live in between two countries, two cultures, two languages and two tastes of chocolate, the more difficult it becomes. I think it’s because this second culture that I knew nothing about 4 years ago, is becoming more and more a part of my life, and I’m juggling between the two. I’m allowed to eat rice with my hands in one and not the other…but then I’m allowed to walk down the beach in shorts in one and not the other. Confusing!

Well there’s a random thought to start you off. Last month we celebrated our First Birthday in full operation and it was great to once again feel the love and support from so many people. We kick started our second year with a new staff member and a new trainee this month, which has been great. They have both settled in really well and are enjoying their new workplace.

In thinking about our new trainee, I was talking with Kerryn the other night about how, when I’ve watched movies about Human Trafficking and what happens to these girls, for some reason in my head (a protective mechanism probably), I think ‘surely it doesn’t happen as bad as what they portray it to be’. But listening to REAL STORIES over and over again, stories of girls that we have with us everyday, it is actually the opposite. The movies don’t nearly detail what really happens. The stories don’t get any easier to listen to…but they do stir up the passion and drive to do whatever we can to put an end to this!!

We would love for you to join us in this passion by spreading the Offspring love and, if it is within your means, signing up as a monthly sponsor (it goes a long way!).

Until next month…


High: We had some guests from The Burlap People come for a combined workshop. They showed us the product they make here in Kolkata and we showed them ours. The beautiful thing about it was that our trainees taught their staff how to do the stitching of our saris. After that was complete, they secretly assembled the bag for them and presented it at the end. That expression, ‘smiling from ear to ear’, was exactly what our trainees looked like…priceless!

Low: There was this one-day where just nothing went right. So much so that we had to laugh (and semi-cry) about it at the end of the day. Having the power go out for 12 hours straight (and over night when we were trying to sleep in the heat), is up there as a pretty big low too!

Interesting: We asked the staff to ‘dream’ – to write down and then draw what they envisage Offspring Kolkata to look like in 10 years time. The activity itself wasn’t the ‘interesting’ (it was actually really great) but the salt-and-pepper shaker drawings that turned out to be people were quite the laugh.