April 2020

Hey Offspring Family,

Well I must say, it has been an interesting few weeks hasn’t it!! Around 8 weeks ago now I was in India chatting to my Mum & Dad on the phone and I just flippantly mentioned to them that I had a bit of a cold going on. Mum responded straight away with “well if it doesn’t get better soon make sure you go see a doctor”. At the time, I had NO IDEA why she reacted to my cold so extremely, because I hadn’t yet heard about COVID-19. Now most conversations I have with people, are about exactly that.

It has definitely hit the world with a bang! With so much uncertainly, it’s hard for businesses, charities and individuals to gauge what the year ahead will look like. Actually, for some of us, it’s hard to gauge what tomorrow looks like. But even in the midst of that uncertainty, we hold onto hope. More than ever we grab hold of our mission, our vision and our values believing that EVERY LIFE is worth fighting for!

Our response to COVID-19 is to first and foremost protect our staff and trainees. We have put measures in place to make sure we are caring for them, and their families, as best we can. The Government in India is setting certain regulations and we are abiding by them – currently in lockdown. That will see our staff & trainees working from home for a while, however, we are skyping & calling the trainees regularly for emotional support and keeping on top of their education.

We know that this is going to be a tough season for a lot of people. And we know that it is going to be a tough season for Offspring. For the next foreseeable future, we also won’t be able to run any events, speaking engagements or markets – all of which are a really important source of revenue for us. We are not alone in our struggles, but we want to be as open with you about them as we can. Right now, our Board and Staff are working hard to try and find alternate ways to do what we do. Because we know that even during this time, the business of trafficking will not stop!

We want to keep you all engaged with us, making sure that we are not only financially secure but also staying connected. Soon we will be selling product online through our social media accounts and we would love it if you can use this as an opportunity to buy gifts for those around you, whilst giving us the encouragement & boost we will need. Even if you don’t need a product right now, buying at this time for future use will help us to stay strong.

In the midst of all the “chaos” around us, I truly believe this is a time for humanity to shine. In many ways we have forgotten what it can be like to truly be in lack and to need each other. As we face these uncertain days, I think our eyes will be opened up to the hardships that many around the world have always faced, even prior to COVID-19. And, as we begin to truly empathise, we remember the importance of having to stick together; supporting one another, showing kindness, even just sharing a bag of pasta (that’s a hint because I currently have no long-life products in my pantry). Let’s continue being the generous people that I know the Offspring family already are.

Keep believing in us, following our progress and, if you have the ability, please keep financially supporting us or even consider increasing your support for a season. We are so grateful to every single one of you for being a part of our Offspring family at this time and for helping us to continue supporting our staff and trainees. It is appreciated more than you know!


High: While I was in India recently, I GOT ENGAGED!! A pretty special time to share with my Indian family as they were all VERY excited that this 36-year-old was FINALLY getting married!! And then in a crazy turn of events, we got married. Not as planned but better to be in lockdown together than apart!

Low: What we’re all facing at the moment is definitely a low. We’re all shocked, confused and just trying to figure things out one day at a time. No words can explain it!

Interesting: This would no doubt be everyone’s ‘interesting’ for the month…the toilet paper panic!! I still don’t understand why this was the first thing people went for. But maybe it’s that I have been living in country where toilet paper isn’t even needed?! Take heart and know that half the world survives without it! We will be ok!