February 2017

Dear Friends of Offspring,

Finishing this month means that we have completed ONE YEAR in full operation! ONE YEAR of being able to invest into the lives of those affected by sex trafficking. We think this is not only a privilege but also EXCITING! So….we’re celebrating! Come along to our next event on the 16th March in Geelong to join with us in saying ‘cheers’ to a great year. Tickets are limited (we’re keeping it small and personal this year) so get in quick!

For more information and tickets, please visit: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=258715

In other news, we’re going to hear from Kerryn, our Operations Manager here in Kolkata. Take it away Kerryn….

It was February 2013 when I first entered the brothels of India. I had been travelling to India regularly for my job as an international pharmaceutical auditor but this was the first time I had stepped beyond the shiny professional world and into the place that was reality for literally thousands of women. It was a day I will never ever forget, and one that changed my life forever.

I am not the first person to witness suffering and be gripped by that sense that we cannot do anything to change it. Every day we are exposed to bad news… stories of the world that can send us into a spin and give us the sense that we are helpless to do anything to change the situation. However, if we all believed that and carried on despite what we know, nothing would ever change. Thankfully, my helplessness gave way to a burning passion and a sense that we cannot sit by and allow these atrocities to continue…and so began the journey. One step at a time, with many detours along the way, today I live in India and work as the Operations Manager for Offspring.

For me, the biggest part of the journey has been learning that in fact I can make a difference.  If we allow ourselves to be intimidated by the bigger picture we will very quickly forget the smaller picture. That is that every life matters. Every girl who experiences these horrendous crimes needs healing and change. I may not be able to change the world, but for one girl I can change her world. My journey through life has been long and varied with many twists; however, I would encourage anyone out there with a dream or passion to help others just to start taking the steps. Let the situations of others burn deep inside of you and let it hurt. It is this pain and empathy that will drive us to make a difference and in the end, if we all take those steps and act for others, our world will be changed.

Until next month…

From us Both!

High: Personally it was celebrating my birthday in the Sundarbans National Park. 35% of the Park is in India and the rest Bangladesh. The aim was to spot a Bengal Tiger but unfortunately they were all having their own parties in the dense mangroves that weekend. But my friends and the tour group surprised me with a “jungle” birthday song and dance, which will be something to remember for a long time.

Low: I can’t say that I really had a low this month!

Interesting: The response you get being a westerner wearing a Sari. The staff, trainees and even neighbours enjoyed (or maybe the word is appreciated) us getting our Indian culture on!