About Us


We see women and children who have been bought, sold, traded and stripped of the most basic of human rights. We see them abused and treated as a commodity, rather than a dignified human being; someone’s daughter (their offspring), sister and friend. We see young women who need our help urgently.

So our story began when we saw this need and recognised our ability to ‘do something’.

We are a team that loves to get involved in the little & the big! Our Founder & CEO, Kristi, believes wholeheartedly in the idea that “you can’t do everything, but you can do something”.

It’s the little ‘somethings’ just as much as the big ‘somethings’ that create change! To think that one person can eliminate world poverty or end Human Trafficking is, well let’s be honest, unfortunately unrealistic. But it is realistic to say that every single person has the ability to ‘do something’, and together, it is ultimately the efforts of individuals which change the world.

This is what has driven Kristi to put down the surfboard, say goodbye to teaching and relocate to India. Relaxed, easy-going and sociable, it’s not often you see Kristi get worked up about things. But start talking about social justice issues, especially Human Trafficking, and you will see a passion and determination that is the driving force for how she lives her life. It is this passion and determination which has drawn people right around the world to get behind Offspring; the organisation she and her team established to tackle the effects of sex trafficking. Fuelled by good chocolate and now by default, Indian curries, Kristi is relentless in leading her team to educate others and join in the fight for every life affected by Human Trafficking.

At Offspring, we believe that in some capacity we are all called to seek justice and defend the defenceless. We are all called to give generously. We are all called to love others more than we love ourselves. When this happens, we see change and we see others brought to freedom. Because Every Life…is Worth Fighting For!

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”
- William Wilberforce